Katarina Blind


Side Projects

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Smol designs
I write weekly blog posts about designs I'm working on -- however smol they might be.


These are random side projects from school work to things I've been working on in my off time.


An iOS app that provides nature sounds to assist mindfulness and creativity.


Discover and support local artists.

Grocery store layout nutrition

A brief data collection, visualization and design reflection project.


Redesigning Bavaria's offical high school platform.


Open source projects to experience and build my designs.

Free app with nature sounds to assist mindfulness and creativity.

An open source industrial design project for a unique lamp.

This phone stand design can be easliy made and used at home.

Just a minimalistic resume to help you create yours faster.

Industrial Design

I started out in Industrial Design before deciding to switch to Digital Product Design as a mid teenager.


A competition submission for the Design for Space Travel competition. It explores the possibilities of commuting between earth and moon.


A concept design which applies the design language of Beats Electronics to a product which isn’t likely to be designed by this company - a 3D pen.


An explorative side project to design a hair dryer. The core idea is to focus on the essentials and distill them down to a simple, yet powerful design.

About this website

Learn more about how I learned to code while building this website years ago and how it’s changed over the years.