Freeletics Apple Watch Post-Workout

Freeletics is an AI powered home fitness app. This project introduces a phone feature to the Apple Watch, enabling workout completion from your wrist.
Design lead (product design, user research, usability testing, QA)
Wearables (PM, engineer)
6 weeks (launched September 2020)

Required post-workout feedback can only be given on the phone. Apple Watch users have to switch devices up to 10 times for a single day of working out.

Enabling feedback on the Apple Watch will increase completed workouts, retention and overall user satisfaction.
Increased run workouts by 20%, reduced clicks in the post-workout experience by 90% and resonated very well with our ambassadors and users. Drastically increased Apple Watch retention.

Low retention rate and user feedback highlighted the problem. Qualitative internal user interviews and an experience walkthrough gave insights to use as little interaction as possible due to tiring workout and small screen.
Translating the existing mobile flow into a smaller screen to understand how it needed to be adapted. The text heavy design was a suboptimal base to be translated into languages with longer words. It also didn't consider the tired state of users after having completed a workout and missed opportunities to make a repetitive flow more enjoyable. The refined flow was created in discussion with the design team and the developer to understand use cases and technical limitations.

Joyful feedback flow with as little interaction as possible. It was successfully qualitatively tested for usability with internal users. The flow was shipped in September 2020.

Key learnings
Considering the real-world context of digital experiences and designing for a small screen with multiple languages in mind.